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General Conditions of Competition

General Conditions of Competition

The following General Conditions will apply to all Jersey Golf (JG) events.



Foursomes Championship – 18 hole foursomes medal, best 4 scratch scores qualify for matchplay, 30.0 combined handicap index limit.

Strokeplay Championship – 36 hole individual medal, scratch/handicap prizes, 18.4 handicap limit.

Island Championship – 18 hole individual medal, <20.0 best 16 scratch scores qualify for scratch matchplay, next best 8 nett scores qualify for nett matchplay. >20.1 best 8 scratch scores qualify for bronze matchplay.

Autumn Foursomes – 18 hole foursomes stableford

Senior League – 9 hole better ball stableford


Foursomes Championship – 18 hole foursomes medal, best 4 scratch scores qualify for matchplay, next best 4 handicap scores qualify for matchplay. 22.0 combined handicap index limit.

Strokeplay Championship – 72 hole individual medal, field cut to top 16 and ties after 2 rounds, scratch/handicap prizes, 12.4 handicap index limit.

Island Championship – 36 hole individual medal, best 16 scratch scores qualify for matchplay, next best 4 nett scores qualify for matchplay, 12.4 handicap index limit.


Island Championship – Qualifying from both Ladies/Men’s respective championships, top 4 scratch scores will qualify matchplay.

Rumball Trophy – 18 hole individual stableford, yellow tees.

Style Open – 18 hole individual stableford, yellow tees, <12.0 handicap limit play medal, best scratch score for Geoff Ramskill Trophy

Senior League – 18 hole individual stableford


Brian Troy / Trevor Tanner / Sid Guy / Hillsden / St Clements Jnr Open / Les Ormes Jnr Open / Style Windows – 18 hole stableford

Gothard – 18 hole medal, top 8 qualify for junior island championship matchplay.

All JG events shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf
All players will abide by any Local Rules, Conditions of Competition and any regulations as approved by the JG committee.
All players when entering a JG event, or playing in any teams organised by JG,  agree to abide by the JG Code of Conduct.  Please ensure you obtain a copy of the Code of Conduct, available on the website and read it carefully before playing.

Amateur Status
All competitors must be of amateur stats as defined by the Rules of Amateur Status of the R&A

Entry Qualification
All players must be a full member of an Island Club affiliated to JG.
Juniors – A player must be under 18 at 00:00 hours on 1st January of the year in which the competition is to be played.
Senior events – for those over 55 years of age on the day of the event.
Must hold a valid WHS Handicap Index
Comply with any specific handicap limits for the competition they enter.
For Island Championship only: Players must have been born or have resided in Jersey one year preceding the Championship. Any entrant who previously qualified and returns to reside in Jersey shall also qualify, including those who have been off island for academic purposes. The ladies scratch winner, men’s scratch winner are required to represent Jersey in the Channel Island finals day.

All entries must be completed and received by the JG Committee by 6pm on the date entries close.
No entry will be accepted without payment of the entrance fee.
All entries shall be subject to the approval of JG.
JG reserves the right to accept or refuse an entry without giving reason for its decision.
The start sheets for all events will be sent to competitors via the email provided on entry as well as being published on the JG website and social media.
The decision of JG shall be final.

No entry fee will be refunded unless notice of cancellation is received before the closing date for entries, except for any entrant who may be balloted out and who does not subsequently play.
Any players who :

withdraws from an event after the draw has been published,
Fails to appear on the tee at their appointed start time.
having qualified in an event fail to appear accordingly.

must without delay, furnish the JG with a satisfactory explanation.  JG reserves the right to ban the player from entering future JG events.

The decision of JG shall be final.

A reserve list will be maintained by the JG Competition committee for any oversubscribed events.
This will be comprised of those who have entered but not completed payment, or those who enter as the closing date regardless of ‘spaces’ in the start sheet.
Should a place become available, reserves will be invited to play in the order they are listed on the reserve list.
In the event of a late withdrawal of a competitor, a reserve who is present at the venue may be offered the vacated start place.

JG retains the right to adjust a person tee time up to the allotted tee time in the case of exceptional circumstances.
In multi-day events it is the responsibility of the player to find result and subsequent tee sheet for the following day(s) play.

There are specific caddies’ rules for Juniors which can be found in specific Jersey Golf Junior Competition Rules.
Competitors shall, at all times, be liable for the actions of their caddies and shall ensure that the caddies comply with the Code of Conduct.
The caddie cannot cause undue delay to play.

Inclement Weather
If in the opinion of JG, it becomes impossible to complete a competition because of adverse weather or other circumstances, JG may vary the format to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the time available.
JG reserves the right to cancel or postpone indefinitely the event at any time if required to do so, or if in its opinion it is reasonable in the circumstances to do so, due to events beyond its reasonable control.
The decision of JG shall be final.

Determination of Results
Unless specified all  ties, except where a playoff is specified, will be decided on the last nine holes on the scorecard.  In the event of this still resulting in a tie, it shall be determined over the last six, then three and then the final hole.
In a 36-hole event the last 18 holes will decide and then the last 9,6,3 and then the final hole.   If there is still a tie then the last six holes, three holes and final hole of the front nine  will be considered in turn.
A competition is finalised when the results are posted.
In rare circumstances, due to administrative errors, JG reserves the right to retrieve prizes and award them to the correct players.
The decision of JG will be final.

Return of Scorecards
All scorecards issued must be returned promptly after completion of the competition.
Rules issues must be determined prior to submission of the scorecard.
For the sake of clarity, cards are considered returned by one of the following methods.

Returning the physical card in the red JG Scorecard metal box

The decision of JG will be final.

Players shall always walk unless permitted to ride by the JG Committee.
Players may claim exemption under the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 by producing a Medical Certificate signed by a Registered Medical Practitioner
JG will adhere to any rules & regulations as stipulated by the host club.

All trophies won by players in a JG event will be held at the home club of the player.
If the home club is unable to keep the trophy, then trophy will be kept at the future host club of that event.

Photography Consent
By entering a JG competition, a player – agrees to being filmed, photographed, or recorded (images and/or sound) by or on behalf of JG or an authorised third party – consents to these images being used in any film, recording, photograph or other media format for the promotion of JG activities, and acknowledges that no payment or compensation for the use of such images shall be payable to them. Should any player object to these arrangements, they should advise the JG Competitions committee as soon as possible and appropriate actions will be taken to comply with their request.

Data Protection

By entering a JG competition, a players - consents to their name, club and handicap information being published by Jersey Golf on all start sheets, draws, results, competition reports in all media outlets including Jersey Golf’s website and Facebook pages. The information provided will be used by and processed for the sole purpose of Jersey Golf only. To ensure confidentiality and privacy, all processing will be complaint with the requirements of The Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018


Neither the club nor Jersey Golf can be held responsible for the loss of or damage to equipment or personal possessions.

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