Jersey Golf

Jersey Golf
Code of Conduct Policy

The following Code of Conduct (“Code) applies to all players, caddies, officials, guests, and visitors who are members of Jersey Golf (“JG”) at any competition or event either organised by the JG or where the JG is represented. Members of JG are responsible for their guests.

All members are required to abide by the Code outlined below.

The JG shall have the power to discipline any member who does not abide by the Code.

Any individual shall have the right to appeal to a panel consisting of the President(s) of the JG and two Captains of Jersey Golf Clubs who are members of the JG.

All members shall;

  • Observe the rules and etiquette of the Rules of Golf.
  • Always behave in a sportsman-like manner, both on and off the course including the clubhouse, including any Club specific dress code.
  • Maintain discipline when representing the Island at home or away, always behaving in a courteous manner, especially when travelling as part of the team and on the golf course.
  • Enquire that your caddy is fully aware and abides by this Code.
  • Report for play with appropriate kit when required if playing for the Island.
  • Observe the club and local rules of any Club where the JG Member is playing or visiting.
  • Restrict the use of alcohol so that it does not affect the member’s golf or behaviour. The use of illegal drugs will not be permitted under any circumstances. (In the case of Junior’s, no alcohol is allowed)
  • The use of illegal drugs is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Do not post critical or unfavourable comments on social media about fellow members, other clubs, or any opposition.

By entering a Jersey Golf ran competition you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct outlined above and the spirit of the code and the game of golf.

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